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About the George Rickey Foundation

George Rickey prepares to install a piece above a pond, Germany, 1987.
George Rickey standing in boat floating on a pond, Germany, 1987
George Rickey with Five Squares Horizontal (1981) at the Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop, Germany, 1984.
George Rickey sitting with with Five Squares Horizontal (1981) at the Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop, Germany, 1984
The George Rickey Foundation advances appreciation and understanding of the life and work of artist George Rickey.
The Foundation works to maintain, enhance, and increase the global reputation of artist George Rickey, one of the most important kinetic sculptors of the twentieth century. It promotes the artist through exhibitions by sharing its collection of more than 700 of his works. The Foundation’s extensive archives documenting Rickey’s life and work support scholarly publications, its own digital presence, and the conservation of his sculptures.

Board of Trustees

George Rickey demonstrates his technique of working with wire
Debra Balken


Diane Frankel


Joseph Becherer
Allison Whiting
Clare Lilley
Loretta Würtenberger

Staff Members

Richard Benefield

Executive Director

Maria C. Lizzi

Archivist & Registrar

Victoria Petway

Digital Content Manager

Anne Undeland

Administrative Coordinator



Many individuals and institutions have contributed to the information and images on this website, and the George Rickey Foundation is grateful to Ken Bortolazzo, Wendy Carroll, Benigna Chilla, Dennis Connors, Brad Daniels, Steve Day, Peter Homestead, Doug King, Hilary Dole Klein, Paul Kreft, Billy and Ella Lammond, David Lee, Serge Lemoine, Howard and Dale Levitz, Kevin Macdonald, Birgit Mieschonz, Jay Moore, Achim Pahle, Sarah Paul, Suzannah Paul, Mark Pollock, Belinda Rathbone, Philip Rickey, Stuart Rickey, Krissy Samms, Lee Scheinberg, Seth Schneidman, Snite Museum at the University of Notre Dame, Dan Stetkar, Anne Undeland, Marc Zaref, and any former employees and assistants of George and Edie Rickey not named here.

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