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Swirling Shapes

Double L Excentric Gyratory III, 1991–1992, Stainless steel

About this sculpture

This piece is made of two large L shapes on a post. Watch the Ls move: do they ever collide into each other? Look around your environment: where else do you see Ls? What other shapes do you see? Which are natural and which are human-made?

Kids Activity

Pretend you are a Rickey L-shaped sculpture, and put one arm up (vertically) and the other to the side (horizontally), then imagine the wind is pushing you and move around in a circle. Try twirling very slowly, and then very quickly. What other letters do you think could make a good moving sculpture? Use your body to test your ideas. Now do you have a better understanding why George often used Ls in his sculptures?

By George!
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