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Motion Notions

Four Ls Excentric II, 1987-1990, Stainless steel

About this sculpture

This piece is made of four L shapes attached to a thin pole. Watch the Ls move; are they all moving at once, or on their own, or in pairs? Do they ever collide into each other? Can you imagine other letters that could work as well as Ls?

Kids Activity

George titled his works using the names of the shapes in them and describing how the parts move. What words do you think describe the motion of this sculpture? What would you title this piece, and why? Can you think of a kind of music or a song that reminds you of how this artwork moves? Ask an adult you are with to play it on their phone while you look at sculpture.

By George!

I’ve always liked this sculpture because I like the idea of palindromes and mirror images. But when this sculpture starts moving, all bets are off!

— Richard Benefield, director of the Rickey Foundation

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