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Amazing Perspective

Six Lines in a T II, 1964-1976, Stainless steel

About this sculpture

This sculpture is made of six stainless steel lines, or blades, that are attached to a vertical pole. When the lines are not moving, they look parallel or always the same distance apart. When the lines are moving, each one goes along a certain path and still never touches the others.

Kids Activity

Look through the moving lines; how many different views can you count? Which is your favorite view, and why? Does the sculpture make you see the world in front of you?

By George!

George described the moving lines in his sculptures as “drawing in space.”

Rickey At Home

Make a string maze installation at home and move around to see your rooms in a new way!

  1. Find a room with things you are allowed to attach string to (ask your adults).
  2. Get different lengths and colors of string.
  3. Tie the string to furniture, door knobs, and other handles.
  4. Now, move from one end of your maze to the other, stopping along the way to see how your view changes. You can even take photos or draw pictures of what you see. Try your maze lots of different ways, like in the dark and with the lights on or crawling low and tip-toeing high.